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Hair Salon Neon Light Signs

Hair Salon Neon Light Signs

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Product Title

Hair Salon Neon Light Signs

What’s included

Your Custom Neon Sign, Adapter, Dimmer, Screws, Hanging Chains


100cm(40inch), 125cm(50inch), 150cm(60inch),  Custom size


Hi-tech LED lighting, 12V child-safe adapter, lightweight, no heat, no noise


Each piece is handmade by a specialist Neon artisan


Remote-Dimmer-control to adjust the lighting darker or lighter


Free shipping, 2-3 weeks. Expedited shipping(chooseable), 5-10 days.

Price Match

Factory-direct, which will match a quote for a cheaper price and give a virtual high-five

Energy & Cost Efficient

Low energy consumption, 100000+ hours lifespan, no heat or noise


General size/style guide available for reference, email support for help


3 Years

Where to put?

  • Outside the hair salon: Neon signs can be placed outside the hair salon to catch the attention of people passing by. A neon sign with the name of the salon or a catchy phrase can make the salon stand out from others on the street.
  • Inside the hair salon: Neon signs can also be used inside the salon to create a unique atmosphere and add a pop of color to the decor. Neon signs with phrases such as "haircuts," "styling," or "color" can help to designate different areas of the salon.
  • On social media: Hair salon neon signs can be used as a backdrop for social media photos and videos. A neon sign with the salon's name or a fun phrase can serve as a recognizable and eye-catching background for social media posts.
  • At hair-related events: Hair salon neon signs can be used at hair-related events such as fashion shows, beauty expos, and hair conventions. A neon sign with the salon's name or logo can help to promote the salon's brand and attract potential customers.
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