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Muscle Arm Gym Neon Light Sign

Muscle Arm Gym Neon Light Sign

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Product Title

Muscle Arm Gym Neon Light Sign

What’s included

Your Custom Neon Sign, Adapter, Dimmer, Screws, Hanging Chains


50cm(20inch), 75cm(30inch), 100cm(40inch), Custom size


Hi-tech LED lighting, 12V child-safe adapter, lightweight, no heat, no noise


Each piece is handmade by a specialist Neon artisan


Remote-Dimmer-control to adjust the lighting darker or lighter


Free shipping, 2-3 weeks. Expedited shipping(chooseable), 5-10 days.

Price Match

Factory-direct, which will match a quote for a cheaper price and give a virtual high-five

Energy & Cost Efficient

Low energy consumption, 100000+ hours lifespan, no heat or noise


General size/style guide available for reference, email support for help


3 Years

Where to put?

  • In a commercial gym or fitness center: The neon sign could be installed in the reception area or near the entrance to create an inviting and motivational atmosphere for customers as they arrive.
  • In a personal home gym: The neon sign could be placed on a wall or in a window of a home gym to create a professional and inspiring atmosphere for the individual working out.
  • In a sports bar or restaurant: The neon sign could be used in a sports bar or restaurant with a fitness or sports theme, to add to the overall ambiance and create a fun and motivating environment.
  • In a fitness-related event or trade show: The neon sign could be used at a fitness expo or trade show to draw attention to a particular booth or display and create a memorable and engaging experience for attendees.
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