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Ghost Face Mask Neon Sign | Glow in the Dark with Haunting Style

Ghost Face Mask Neon Sign | Glow in the Dark with Haunting Style

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Ignite the Spooky Season with the Enigmatic Ghost Face Mask Neon Sign - Glow in the Dark with Chilling Style! Crafted with durable LED neon tubing, this sign ensures a long-lasting, energy-efficient glow that sends chills down your spine.

Featuring a transparent cut-to-shape design, the Ghost Face Mask Neon Sign seamlessly integrates into any Halloween setting, whether it's a haunted house, party venue or themed event. Its eerie illumination creates an atmospheric presence, giving your space a hauntingly stylish vibe.

For your convenience, an installation kit is provided with every purchase. This wide gear possesses all the crucial parts and easy-to-follow pedagogy, allowing to a brief and hassle-free arrangement methodology. Within minutes, you can proudly display your Ghost Face Mask Neon Sign transforming your space into a chilling spectacle.

Elevate your Halloween ambiance with the Ghost Face Mask Neon Sign. Let its haunting glow add an extra dose of spookiness to your decorations, setting the stage for a memorable and thrilling Halloween experience. Whether it's for a haunted house or a costume party, this neon artwork is the perfect addition to create an atmosphere that sends shivers down your guests' spines.


* 5 easy steps to install the neon sign *

Prepare:( 2 ) Wall Anchors( 2 ) Metal cylinders with ( 2 ) bolts( 2 ) Coated screws

Step 1: Mark the spots on the wall where you want to show the light.

Step 2: Drill the hole for the screw for the wall anchors.

Step 3: Place the anchor inside.

Step 4: Drill the screws through the metal cylinders and into the wall anchors. Keep in mind that there are two shock bands to help press the acrylic gently into the mount.

Step 5: Tight the screws into the metal cylinders

Sizing Guide

  • The sizing is determined by the length of the sign at the longest side, whether it is the height or length. In cases where the sign is taller than it is long, the height will be used to determine its size.
  • Please keep in mind that the mockup image provided is solely for reference purposes. The product you receive will be the size that corresponds to the size specified in your order.
  • For large sizes over 41 inches, the sign may be split into 2 or 3 pieces depending on the design, which ensures safe transportation and more reasonable pricing. Please rest assured that this will not affect the quality or aesthetics of the product as the acrylic is transparent, and when the pieces come together, they will look seamless and flawless. No need to worry about multiple wires either, as only one power cord is needed to power the entire product.
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