Game Neon Light

Size (longest side): 50cm(20inch)
Sale price$199.00




Product Title

Game Neon Light

What’s included

Your Custom Neon Sign, Adapter, Dimmer, Screws, Hanging Chains


50cm(20inch),60cm(24inch),75cm(30inch),Custom size


Hi-tech LED lighting, 12V child-safe adapter, lightweight, no heat, no noise


Each piece is handmade by a specialist Neon artisan


Remote-Dimmer-control to adjust the lighting darker or lighter


Free shipping, 2-3 weeks. Expedited shipping(chooseable), 5-10 days.

Price Match

Factory-direct, which will match a quote for a cheaper price and give a virtual high-five

Energy & Cost Efficient

Low energy consumption, 100000+ hours lifespan, no heat or noise


General size/style guide available for reference, email support for help


3 Years

Where to put?

  • Video Game Arcades - Game neon lights are a perfect fit for the vibrant and colorful atmosphere of video game arcades. They can be used to highlight game consoles, cabinets, or to add a sense of excitement and fun to the overall atmosphere.
  • Gaming Themed Bars - Bars that are themed around video games or board games can benefit from the addition of game neon lights. They can be used to highlight different areas of the bar or to add a sense of playfulness and excitement.
  • E-Sports Arenas - E-sports arenas are venues where video game tournaments are held. Game neon lights can be used to create an immersive atmosphere, highlight the different teams or sponsors, or to add a sense of energy to the competition.
  • Gaming Rooms - Game neon lights can be used to create a fun and inviting gaming environment in personal or public gaming rooms. They can be used to highlight specific gaming areas, add a playful atmosphere to the space, or to create a retro gaming vibe.

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