Founded in 1999, from Glass Neon Sign.

Ins Custom Neon Signs Factory Plant View

From 2015, we start to produce LED Neon sign.

Glass Neon Sign,
- >15 neon-bending techs, which have 20+ years expierience.
- We have the original German-made and US-made pump machine.
- Quality-control system, which well used for known-brands production.
insneon glass neon factory from 1999

LED neon Sign,
- 8 hours life test, before goods delivery.
- Packing drop test, avoid product damage.
- 3-5 days fast custom, from design to production.
insneon LED neon factory from 1999

We provide,
- custom neon sign from 1pc personal.
- mass production for business or brands.
- >80 workers, >12 designers, ability for mass production.
insneon neon factory from 1999 clients logos
Contact us,
- online order from
- email inquiry or order from
InsNeon Led Custom Neon Wall Signs Factory


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