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Showing 18001 - 876 of 876 products

Customized Bar Signs

You could get a beer sign, cocktail-shaped decor, or even add your name to create a personalized neon sign for your home bar. All of our neon sculptures are handmade with custom designs, and they’re a great gift idea if you’re looking for a unique present for someone special. You can also use our online sign maker to design your own light-up word art with a range of fonts, colors, and sizes.

Custom Neon® signs are portable and easy to install, so they’re perfect for setting up and moving around at your next function. Get a remote and dimmer to control the brightness or set your sign to party mode. We can also create waterproof and weatherproof lighting, which is perfect for outdoor events.

Light Up Bar Signs

Bars and nightclubs have displayed neon signs for decades, and thanks to the modern LED neon flex we use in our illuminated signs, they’re a great way to decorate the home too. They provide a cool, colorful glow that’s perfect for setting the mood in home bars, rec rooms, living rooms, kitchens, garages, and man caves.

Faux Neon Cocktail Signs

You’ve picked a venue, ordered the drinks, and organized a bartender, and now you need stunning decorations to bring your party’s cocktail bar to life. Add bright colors and a vintage vibe to the bar area with a neon light sign!

LED Neon Party Decorations

Brighten up your event with a memorable phrase such as “Eat Drink Dance”, “Cocktails on Tap”, and “Make Mine a Double”, or create your own glowing statement using the Neon Sign Maker. Our party lights look great in photos, too – turning your big day into an Instagram sensation!